Thursday, December 06, 2007


Find, destroy Atlantis.

2nd item on Homer's "Things to Do Before Summer Is Over" list, from "The Monkey Suit" episode which is the Creationism vs. Evolution Simpsons episode.

I think Atlantis existed. In fact, it might still be a bustling city underneath the water that is so far advanced they want nothing to do with us. Or it could be a creepy city just like the one in Bioshock. That's a Xbox 360 game and is pretty amazing and very suspenseful. It's being played in a college dorm and/or parent's basement near you.

Please keep the families in Nebraska who have been affected by the recent mall shootings in your thoughts and prayers.

A note to media outlets, I know this type of thing is what you live for, but when the killer's suicide note says that "now he will be famous", maybe you shouldn't plaster his name and face over every newscast and website you can think of. Ugh, fine, I'll explain why. What you're doing is exactly what he expected; you're glorifying his actions. You're almost encouraging other disturbed individuals to take similar actions all over the country. "Hey, that numnuts in Nebraska did it and look at the media circus! That could be my media circus!", is what they'll say. So before the blame game starts, here is who the blame lies upon: the lion's share of the blame goes to the disturbed individual, a sprinkle on the parents and friends, and a decent chunk on the media for giving him the coverage that he wanted.

How do you have your cake and eat it too? Don't release the killers name and DEFINITELY don't put his picture up on the main page of your website

I helped a labmate jump his car this morning. His battery cable was pretty corroded (like mine was before last weekend) and he said it had been at least 5 years since he had bought a battery. I think we found the problem!

J's 5K is rapidly approaching. I think she'll do okay. I need to find our last 5K times for comparison even though the course is different.

J's workplace just hired a new person who also went to Samford, my alma mater. I guess it is a small world after all.

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