Friday, November 16, 2007


Todaro's Pizza

We just ate there for lunch. It's "NY style" thin crust pizza and is my favorite in Clemson besides Mellow Mushroom.

I'm going to a friend's house tonight to hang out. We haven't really seen each other since my wedding and even then didn't get to enjoy each other's company. His wife won't be there so as J said, it'll be like high school again.

I um. gleeba glork. OH!

J and I finally watched Michael Bay's version of the Transformers. I went in with zero expectations and was not disappointed. I grew up watching Transformers and they have a special place in my heart. Although recently I rewatched Transformers The Movie and could barely get over the horribly cheesy 80's hair metal soundtrack, everything else was awesome.

We'll start with the bad cuz (does anyone mind that I abbreviate because with cuz?) that's the most fun. Bumblebee was a cute yellow Volkswagen beetle in the cartoon. GM was super incredibly obviously a sponsor of the movie and wouldn't stand for that, so they made him into a pretty cool late 70s/early 80s Camaro. Fine, no biggie and I understand that you have to make the check writers happy. THEN they go ahead and allow the Transformers to change what they transform into on the fly. Huh? Old Camaro Bumblebee was driving around, showing off, driving on 2 wheels, when he passes a brand new 2009 Camaro and then transforms into that. What? I guess that's ok but are they confined to transforming into automobiles? Could they transform into anything they want?

Next they attempted to give the Transformers mouths. In the cartoon they had large face plates covering the lower half of their face and the plate would bob up and down when they spoke. That has to be easier than trying to draw a robot mouth and make it look real. That didn't stop Michael Bay! He gave them weird robot mouths and we'll like it!

The robot form didn't really look like their other form but it wasn't terrible.

Megatron is a gun. In the movie he was a jet.

In the cartoon, the Transformers were the main characters and there were a couple humans who didn't get in the way of the robot on robot fighting action! Michael tried to have a plot and story and character development but none of that worked. Even that cute drunk kid from Holes couldn't save it. Speaking of which, don't watch Disturbia. Just don't. Sorry Shia. They briefly mentioned only a handful of Decepticons (the Transformer bad guys) and had just a bit more movie time devoted to the Autobots (the good guys). I really loved the scene where Shia sits in Camaro Bumblebee for the first time and wipes the dust off the center of the steering wheel revealing the Autobot emblem. That almost gave me chills and definitely brought a smile to my face.

Oh, I would also like to point out that Michael Bay saw no money from my viewing of his film. I borrowed it from a friend who bought it for some reason.

Basically it was an okay movie that made me miss my childhood and really made me want to watch old episodes of the Transformers cartoons.

Of course, lots of pretty special effects, most computer generated, but as usual, can't save Michael's movie from itself. I'd give it a solid C.

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