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Big thanks to Subaru for sponsoring the Subaru Challenge this past Saturday, November 17! It was an autocross for Subaru vehicles and their sister cars made by Saab. I think there were 1 or 2 Saabs there. The majority were Subaru WRXs and STis with a few mid 90's Imprezas, a Legacy here and there and one SVX. I of course was co-driving Subaru's Subaru. His fastest time was a 49.576 and mine was a 49.671, so just a hair off his time. Subaru's regular co-driver was having some cone trouble and was a bit further back with a 50.163. We didn't think you could have 3 drivers in the same car in the same class, I moved to a higher class so I would drive in another group. They got 3rd and 4th in ESP and I locked down 4th in SM. RAW time I was 20th out of 99 and the tough SM PAX dropped me to 28. Basically PAX is a system that the SCCA conjures up to "equalize" all the classes. You multiply your raw time by the PAX to get your PAX time. ESP's PAX is 0.834 and SM is 0.856. The toughest class is AM and its PAX is 1.000. No mathematical help in that class. The "easiest" class is HS with a PAX of 0.792.

I was very pleased with my performance but really wanted to get Focus out there to see what she could do.

The course was very fast with some nice offset transitions. The fast parts were really fast, full throttle fast, and the slow stuff was fun with lots of steering input.

Full results by class
RAW time results
PAX time results

We're not going anywhere for Thanksgiving and I'm planning on working most of the time, so I'll see you later!

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