Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Little boxes on the hillside

Anyone watch Weeds on Showtime? We got hooked after renting the first season on DVD but thankfully the season just ended so we can cancel that expensive movie channel package. It's a great show and I highly recommend checking it out.

Barack Obama told some high school students that after he graduated high school (where he drank and used drugs) he realized that he had "wasted a lot of time". Not too many people can use drugs and be highly productive at their jobs. Some try, a few succeed, many more fail. Keep the drug use responsible people! Buy groceries, feed your kids, then after they're asleep, break out that gram of blow and go to town. Don't try and do lines while driving your kids to school. That's bad parenting.

Clemson University is open today but it's dead. Crazy dead. We have a solid 25% showing in our lab and I'm sure there are even less in other labs. It's nice though. Not too many distractions. I think I'll take my book outside and read during lunch.

J and I have instated "No TV Wednesdays". Both of us felt like we were watching too much TV, so to combat that, TV doesn't exist on Wednesdays from now on. This includes Wii too. So far it's been nice. Instead of make my breakfast and plop on the couch, I made breakfast and ate it while cleaning up our bedroom and then vacuuming. We won't be home much tonight; we're working concessions at the Clemson/Presbyterian College men's basketball game tonight. I think we're both going to like it and will probably add in another TV free day. What helped prompt this decision was the study J saw that found watching TV actually makes you stupider. I'll have to see if I can track down the reference or at least get J to refresh me on the details.


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