Tuesday, November 06, 2007


I support the Writers Guild.

Why should they not get a cut of all avenues that their writings take? Ok, fine, you can get residuals for reruns but we get all the money from DVDs, downloads and merchandising. Sound good? No? Ingrates! Stupid writers! Any moron can write! Here, here's next week's General Hospital:
Open on a hospital bed. There lies some guy. He looks confused. "Who am I?" he says. Then a monkey comes crashing through the window and takes his blanket. Pan out from a glorious ass shot. Hot nurse comes in and there is some heavy petting. Then an elderly woman comes out of the bathroom and tells them they're brother and sister! Then they hop into a time machine and go to Seattle circa 1340. They're surrounded by trees. Glorious redwood, oak and maple. There's a deer! Then they're crushed to death by a velociraptor fighting Sasquatch. The End!

Ha! Told you any moron can write. Wait, what? That isn't good? So we're going to an all reality show all the time format? Take that writers! What? Millions of people cancelled their cable, DirecTV and Dish because there was only news, sports and reality TV? Oh. Maybe we should've given the writers a few more table scraps.

Ta-Da! Today's prediction for the future of TV has been brought to you by "Seth supports the Writer's Guild of America". Good luck guys and gals. If you need a place to crash, my couch is always open.



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