Friday, November 30, 2007


I found the cure for the plague of the 20th century and I LOST IT!

- whatever character Sean Connery played in the film, Medicine Man. Pretty cool movie. They do some chemistry (gas chromatography) in the rain forest trying to find the cure for cancer. The British lady who was the mom in 3 Men and a Baby is in it too. Wow, I just completely mixed up Lorraine Bracco and Nancy Travis. Sorry ladies. Nancy was the mom from 3 Men but she was not in Medicine Man, that was Lorraine who of course was also in Goodfellas, Hackers and some other recent HBO show about the mafia with the weird ending.

I need to get back to the rainforest. I toured it once in Costa Rica on a trip with my dad and brother to Tortuguero National Park where we hiked through the rainforests, saw toucans, brightly colored frogs and had an incredible time. That was also the trip where I led newly hatched sea turtles to the ocean at night with my flashlight. First I need to get out of school, then pay off some debt, then travel and get back to the tropics.

Sorry about the new Google ad box to your left. I had only made about 28 cents since I put it up last year sometime, so I thought it might be time to put one a bit higher on the page.

Hopefully J and I will be going camping this weekend. Yes it will be cold but we'll be in the woods and as long as no skin is exposed, it'll be fine. There will also be a campfire.

Congrats to Waukesha County in Wisconsin for using common sense! They have decriminalized your first possession of marijuana arrest. For first time offenders who only have a small amount of medicine on them when caught, they can be issued a citation and made to pay a fine instead of clogging up the legal system. They don't really say what a "small" amount is but I assume it's less than an ounce but sounds like it's up to the individual officer. Of course, dealers and people caught with pounds will still be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. These are the baby steps that society is taking towards ending the outrageous and useless war against drugs. Okay, the war against drugs isn't completely useless, but the tactics of the past 30 years haven't worked so maybe we should try a new approach?

The FCC went crazy again. Now they think they can shut down websites. Popularity is a website that will call you at predetermined times if you need to get out of a date or lame dinner party or if you just need to hear your phone ring. It was started by Jenny Chowdhury and Cory Forsyth when they were college students and the site has no ads and is free of charge. But some jerk made their site call a FCC lawyer who didn't appreciate it and shut the website down. It doesn't seem like they should be able to do that, does it? Read David Pogue's post explaining the whole thing. Once again, fuck the FCC. Here is Penn and Teller explaining why the FCC should be disbanded.

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