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I hope you're having a glorious Friday. I know mine is going pretty well so far. J has finally decided to start climbing with me and has shown enough commitment to warrant getting her shoes, a harness, chalk bag, the works. This will be part of her Christmas presents. Since we don't have internet at our house, we haven't been able to order or even look around yet to see what's out there. Climbing shoes aren't cheap. They range from $60-$150. I need a new pair also. I'll be sure to post up the cute items she picks out. They will be cute, I guarantee.

I stumbled across the United Hollywood Blog while watching a video of some of the cast and writers of "The Office" as they were striking. I knew "Ryan" was a writer but didn't know that "Tobey" was one also. It's nice to see some of the actors supporting their writers by joining them on the picket lines. If anyone in SoCal is reading this and wants to join in the fun, THE picket line today will be at the Fox Plaza, but you better hurry. It starts at 10 am Pacific which is 1 pm Eastern. Fight the Power!

In delicious breakfast news, Jennifer "Jen" Causey runs a blog, Simply Breakfast, that is pictures of her breakfast. On October 18th, she enjoyed this:

Yum! Who doesn't love a bagel and coffee?

It looks to be updated most weekdays with a few missed days here and there. This is a really good idea. If only I could get my photos to look like hers. Lots of natural lighting. I'll see if we have a window that could make my breakfasts look that good.

What's that? You wish she had a book that showed her love of photography and all things breakfast? Ask and ye shall receive!

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