Thursday, November 08, 2007


Cartman is Dog the Bounty Hunter

That was a pretty good South Park episode. So by now everyone knows that "Dog" the bounty hunter used the n-word while discussing his son's girlfriend, who is black. Whatever channel his show was on already pulled the plug. I'm sure that was just an excuse. Whoever greenlit his show had already been fired and they just needed a good excuse to pull it off the air. All speculation of course.

His son was actually the one who sold the recorded conversation to news outlets. Nice.

My question is, who cares? Are we really mad at a BOUNTY HUNTER for using a racial slur? If my child's role model is a freakin' bounty hunter, I have failed as a parent. I suppose Dog and Boba Fett have their place in society but that place is nowhere near political correctness and role model.

Tough break Dog but sometimes the limelight feels like a microscope. Good luck on your future bounties.

Curb Your Enthusiasm did a n-word episode also. It was pretty funny. I love when the white guy is lambasted for using the word and the black person becomes outraged and uses the word repeatedly. Hilarious. In defense of the n-word and why I don't feel it should be outlawed, I give you the immortal (paraphrased) words of Paul Mooney: I've been called it enough that I can use it whenever I damn well please. Right on Paul.



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