Monday, November 26, 2007


Blame Canada!

I rewatched the South Park movie over Thanksgiving break. Such a great movie and I still can't believe they got to sing "Uncle Fucker" during the Oscars. Nice work Matt and Trey!

I did get some work done but not much from here. It's nice working at home although the cats do get a bit annoying.

We worked concessions and J and I sold popcorn to people who hadn't eaten beforehand or feel its their duty to support Clemson by supporting Aramark and its overpriced food. 20 ounces of bottled soda is now $3.50 at all Clemson sporting events. Yikes. Thank Yahweh I haven't been to a professional sporting event recently cuz I really don't want to know what Aramark charges those poor souls. Go Capitalism!

Speaking of capitalism, we did not partake in the mayhem known as Black Friday. I did see that Wal-Mart had my Kitchen-Aid mixer, usually at least $250, on sale for $140 with a minimum of one per store. Great, so to save some money I would've had to camp in front of that store and then fought people off as I tried to find the one or maybe two mixers that were on sale. No thank you. Instead Mother Nature called, Subaru, his wife and I got up entirely too early (although not as early as you psychotic shoppers) at 6 am and drove up to Crowder's Mountain which is just over the state line in NC. J was supposed to go but chose warmth and sleep over hiking, exercise and climbing.

The hike isn't very long but its the elevation change you have to watch. It was a nice 40ish F degree weather but the wind had a nasty bite to it. We all layered and were mostly warm all day. I was making fashion statements left and right with my new iridescent red helmet, my green thermal shirt, blue thermal long johns and red shorts over the long johns; take that fashion! I had my favorite pair of comfy training pants that I would slip on over my climbing harness in between climbs because layers equals warmth! We didn't feel the effects of the cold until our last climb of the day. The rock had been in the shade all day and it was freezing! I wanted to finish strong so I climbed through the cold fingers and made it to the top. I need to start taking my camera places again. I haven't alot because it's old and we want a new one but that doesn't change the fact that I have one and it's better than nothing.

Huge thanks to Subaru and his wife for inviting me on their trip and for tying the ropes securely and none of us fell off the mountain! Hooray!

Saturday was sleeping and football. Clemson beat our in state rival, the University of South Carolina Gamecocks off a wonderful field goal by soccer star extraordinaire Mark Bucholz. Bucky had a solid soccer season and hopefully will cap his football season off with a bowl game victory. We're ranked 16th in the nation and will probably get a decent bowl. The closer to New Year's Day, the better!

J asked me what we should get the grandparents for Christmas. Ideally I would like to make it ourselves, but other than that, I have no clue.

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and don't worry about having to go back to school/work, Christmas is right around the corner!

Oh, you want to know what we (mostly me) made for Thanksgiving? We were in charge of the pumpkin pie (Paula Deen's recipe), the stuffing (Williams & Sonoma recipe, I left out the chestnuts because J doesn't like nuts in foods) and the mashed potatoes (W&S again).

What did YOU make?

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