Friday, October 12, 2007


Yes they deserved to die and I hope they burn in Hell!

- Samuel L. Jackson playing the father who killed his young daughter's rapists in "A Time to Kill" (I had to imdb that, I couldn't remember the title)

An alternate title was going to be Love is a Battlefield. I stepped on a rather nasty land mine but was luckily able to scoop my guts back in, find that missing leg and cobble myself back together. I hope it heals well but I know what to look for now and will avoid those land mines at all cost.

The seminar day will be here before I know it. Ideally I'll have all my slides done by the Mon. before so I can go over them with my adviser and he can give me suggestions and feedback since he has a talk at the exact same time as mine in Greenville. One of my labmates will be introducing me.

J got a new cell phone yesterday for "free" and for those not good at reading between the lines, means that we'll be slaves to AT&T aka Pearl Jam censors for another 2 years. It's cute and a darkish pink. It's a Sony Ericsson Z310a

and has some neat features. Nothing really useful like GPS but it has lights that can light up in different patterns when someone calls. I think it would be useful in the dark, or if you were deaf, or if your phone was across the room and you had memorized the different light patterns and could tell who was calling. It's also pretty. We successfully transferred all her old numbers to the SIM card so changing phones was a snap. This is also our first cameraphone. Yeah, that's right. And the only ipod we have is a 2nd gen shuffle. It's like we're living in the stone age. My 2 year stint of service will be up next May. Will I get another "free" AT&T phone? Will I finally get my Helio? Will I pay at least $100 for a cell phone? Will the next gen iphone be out by then? Will we still be using cell phones? Will I still be in grad school?



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