Wednesday, October 31, 2007



Foxy is doing fine. She was stoned out of her mind for a good 12 hours after surgery though. Couldn't walk straight. No depth perception. Could barely keep her eyes open. Leon was not being a loving understanding older brother either, so we quarantined Foxy in our room and she slept like a log.

Now for the tragic:

Robert Goulet has passed away at 73. He died while waiting for a lung transplant due to his diagnosed interstitial pulmonary fibrosis. I will remember him most for his amazing singing voice and his appearance in Beetlejuice. Link to Douglas Martin's NY Times article.

I'm sure you have all heard about the beach house fire that claimed 7 lives in Ocean Isle Beach. One was a Clemson student and I've already had two students say they wouldn't be in lab today to attend funeral services and be with their family and friends. Emily Lauren Yelton, 18, was the name of the Clemson student who passed away. Please also keep the families of Taylor Cox and Amy Marie Moxie in your thoughts. They are the other Clemson students we have lost this year. Also keep in mind another one of my students whose grandfather passed away. Article by Meg Kinnard of the AP.

Kids, only play with matches under adult supervision. Seriously. It turns out that a boy playing with matches accidentally burned down 38,000 acres. 38,000 acres is just over 59 square miles. That's a big number. Our father knew that all little boys loved playing with fire so he started the Junior Firebugs of America club. (Hey dad, if this is how you find out about my blog) We would wait for dad to get home, then we would play with fire under adult supervision and have a great time and some quality father/son time too. We also never burned down a house or a sizeable forest. I don't think that's a coincidence. Remember what Smokey the Bear always says: Only YOU can prevent forest fires.

Smokey the Bear's website

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