Friday, October 19, 2007


Save 2nd Base!

Apparently a high school in Salina, Kansas thought the slogan "Save 2nd Base!" accompanied with 2 baseballs over the pectoral muscles printed on a t-shirt was too risque for Salina Central High School. Story from KWCH. Story from Chicago Tribune with video. Finally The Official Save 2nd Base site.

The assistant principal thought it was too sexually suggestive. Right because these poor Kansas high school kids have never been to first base, let alone second and have NEVER had sex. Not one of them. I'm sure the government will be cutting him a check for "healthy sex education" any day now. I saw my first Abstinence sex education commercial the other day on TV. I hate that my tax dollars are going towards this. Although this made me sad but relieved at the same time. School officials, in response to a sudden outbreak of teen pregnancy, voted to make birth control available to one of Portland, Maine's middle schools. I'm so glad instead of upping the "Abstinence Only" message they took a real solution and are trying to prevent pregnancies and unwanted babies instead of busting out the chastity belts. Not that chastity belts are a terrible idea.

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