Monday, October 29, 2007


Baseball is finally over!

Hooray! Another season down and I still don't care. Maybe if I owned a team I would care a bit more. Maybe.

Edit: Almost forgot. Foxy is getting spayed today so I hope everything goes alright during surgery.

I'm about to get to work but wanted to share this real quick. So you know how Britain is our buddy? Well, they went against our wishes and downgraded cannabis (marijuana) to a Class C drug. This was a few years ago so obviously the country has devolved into head shops on every corner and every school student smoking a doobie during recess and nap time right? Nope. In fact, less young people are using cannabis now in the UK.

I know. It's hard for us to believe. Drugs are the devil and should be down away with completely. This stance hasn't worked since, oh around, never. But the countries that actually admit that people like their drugs and will continue to use them no matter what have lower usage stats than our great country. So what does this mean? I think it means we need to reevaluate how we classify our drugs. You cannot sit there and tell me that heroin and cannabis are in the same class of drugs. But that is what we teach in this country. This is what our government and tax dollars are teaching America's youth. Smoking a joint and injecting heroin is the exact same thing in their eyes. A similar situation (in my amateur opinion) would be a kid popping a ziploc bag of air, and that same kid getting a chunk of cesium or rubidium and dropping it in a tub of water. Not the same thing. Not even the same league. Barely even the same sport.

Whatever. Just know that my kids will be informed about all drugs around them and their effects on the body. You better believe we'll be starting with caffeine, alcohol and nicotine. All the legal "healthy" drugs. Riiiiiight.

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