Monday, October 22, 2007


Almost there

I had some Simpsons quotes from one of my favorite episodes. I think it's titled "Missionary-tales" and involves Homer pledging money to PBS then having to flee the country by becoming a missionary in the South Pacific. He licks toads and builds a casino. Betty White is a guest voice for the episode. Stupid baseball was on so Fox preempted all their Sunday night cartoons, but I was at school working anyway, but it's the point of it. Although I must have to say "Go Indians" because I'm getting sick of all the Red Sox/Yankees hoopla so it'll be nice to have a couple new teams to not care about in the World Series.

My final seminar is in 4 days! Aaaaiiiiieeeeee!

Update: Crap, just saw that the Red Sox did win last night and are in the World Series. So Go Rockies!


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