Sunday, September 02, 2007


Post 800!

Eh, easy title and a pseudo-milestone. I'll have a complete recap tomorrow but just wanted to get the autocross story out of the way.

Dinner ended about 10 pm, Arpa, a Spanish tapas restaurant in downtown Charlotte, got back to the hotel, lied down and relaxed. Then 11:45 pm on my birthday rolled around ,I bid J adieu and headed off to the Continental Tire factory. Huge thanks to Continental Tires for allowing us use of a couple of their parking lots. There was a tiny issue with registration but I had pre-registered and it was all okay. Swapped tires and got in line. Nice off-throttle oversteer but I hit a cone. 34.7 and I spent the rest of the morning trying to match it. It wasn't to be. My official fastest was a 35.2 (you got 6 official runs and as many practice runs as you could wait in line for). It was a tad frustrating but at least I was consistent. My slowest was a 35.4, not a bad spread, and only a few cones all night. Incidentally, if I would've recorded the 34.7, that only would've bumped me up to 9 out of 15. 10th in class, 104 out of 147 raw time, 90 out of 147 PAX. Besides feeling that I'm at my limits and need to take a driving school or spend lots of money on the car, I had a great time. Lots of practice, camaraderie, and only $30. Keep the racing off the streets yo.

After my work assignment I was able to get in 9 runs in 4 hours. Last year I got about 15 in the same amount of time. Needless to say, the event grew and we had a much larger contingent of night owls this year.

The rest of Seth's exciting Charlotte Birthday O'rama tomorrow. Be sure to tune in to ESPN at 8 pm eastern to watch the Clemson Tigers take on the Florida State Seminoles.

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