Thursday, September 13, 2007


Lab woes

I'll tell you the story about the bachelorette party but first several social awareness points.

First, please keep Indonesia in your thoughts. They received a 7.9 earthquake a few days ago and once again must rebuild their country, economy and lives.

Kathy Griffin is making news for a comment she made accepting her Emmy for her show "My Life on the D-List". She said "a lot of people come up here and thank Jesus for this award. I want you to know that no one had less to do with this award than Jesus. Suck it Jesus! This award is my god now!", which is very funny and exactly why I love Kathy Griffin. No topic is taboo. I'm gonna quote Cynical Chris' post about it which sums it up nicely.
Kathy Griffin’s Emmy Speech to be Censored Because of Jesus Comment

Suck it Jesus is not a blasphemous comment if it is made by somebody who doesn’t believe that there is a god. If you are an atheist, it is impossible for you to commit blasphemy goddamn it! And besides that, when did the Catholic League become the leader and voice of Christians everywhere? Hell, the Catholic League isn’t even the voice of Catholics.

Google the words “Bill Donohue” and “hate speech” to see that is his modus operandi. He finds a high profile example of somebody not bowing to his particular deity (any other seems to be find) and accuses them of “hate speech” in a press release. It’s getting quite boring but it still is effective.

Oh, and Suck it Jesus.

If you feel like signing a petition against censorship, then please go to

Everyone knows the NFL (National Football League) is big business. Last year the TV rights sold for $3.7 billion. The owners are making money off the sweat and blood of their players. You would hope that after the players retire that they are still taken care of through pension and health insurance.
In a game expected to take in $7 billion this year and that exceeds all others in causing bodily harm, fewer than 3 percent of the men who played in the league succeed in getting disability benefits. Worse, the players union turns away ailing vets despite a pension fund with $1 billion in assets.

Twenty years ago, when linemen weighed 280, it was common for them to play on into their 30s. Now offensive tackles average 320, and a typical career lasts three and a half seasons, or just half a season more than the minimum to qualify for a pension. Nor does playing longer secure one's finances during old age. Full pension payouts start at 55, which is around the time the average former player dies, two decades sooner than non-players.

According to the Men's Journal article, Casualties of the NFL, it all comes down to Gene Upshaw, head of the NFL Player's Association, that is supposed to protect the players and their interests, but "what emerges is a picture of a labor union that has turned its back on the men who built it, and officials who use their power not to advocate for their brethren but to protect the assets of the 32 owners with whom they once did battle."

These guys gave their all to play the game they loved, made some money, ravaged their bodies, and once they retired are completely discarded and forgotten about. It's shameful. Fuck the NFLPA and Gene Upshaw. Huh, apparently Bryant Gumbel agrees with me. Gene, please work for the players like you once were and not the bottom line.

Wow, those really got away from me. Ok, back this afternoon with the story you're all waiting for.

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