Monday, September 17, 2007


It's on!

I'll get to my review of the DJ Tiesto show at the North Atlanta Trade Center in Norcross, GA last Friday night (Saturday morning) on September 14th in a second.

First I want to tell you about the fight/accident that almost happened as J and I were going to Miyabi's for a kick ass sushi dinner.

We're waiting patiently right here:

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Perfect! Thanks Google Maps and your crazy satellites!

We're waiting in the left hand turn lane facing the right side of that image, waiting to turn into the on-ramp at the top of the image. We're #4 car in line. #1 is a very pretty big Benz AMG coupe, CLK or something, #2 is a Camry or something, and #3 is a very pretty champagne Audi A4 2.0L Turbo. Light turns green and the AMG is off! I see him turn into the mini on-ramp, roughly in the middle of the image. But out of my right peripheral vision I see some big white truck towing a small trailer come FLYING into the picture! Shit! The AMG slams on its brakes and comes to a complete stop. I look for a YIELD sign on our side but then realize that if we yielded that we would block traffic and that would make no sense. So this stupid truck is in a big 'ol hurry and not paying attention. What a deuche.

But wait! The truck comes to a complete stop too and the guy gets out of his truck! Fight? Fight? Fight! But it wasn't meant to be. The AMG guy stayed in his comfy leather lair and just yelled some insults out his window. Boring. Oh no! #2 and #3 in line came to complete stops too! WTF! Go around! Later J would say that she thought #2 and #3 were too close and couldn't go around. Rookie mistakes. Me being the more competent driver have left plenty of maneuvering room in between the A4 and Tercel. I lay on the horn and realize that isn't going to work. Traffic in both lanes is at a standstill. I'm not sure if they're just stupid or are waiting to see a fight that isn't going to happen. I drop Tercel into first and tear around all the cars just sitting at the entrance to the on-ramp. Still on the horn and give the two stupid fight teases a nice one finger salute as I tear on by.

Ah, good times.

DJ Tiesto was pretty impressive. The venue was a tad lackluster. Concrete floors, a few concession stands ($7 Jagr shots), and a very nice light display up front and in the middle of the crowd was a large structure with some more lights. Good security, lots of restrooms and smoking was allowed inside since it's a private venue.

Doors opened at 10 and I was in no hurry to go stand in line. It was a nice night and I knew Tiesto wouldn't go on until at least midnight. They finally convinced me to get in line at 10:30 and it moved fairly quickly. Once inside and affixed with the proper 21+ wrist band (which the guy made entirely too tight) we went to the bar and got some libations. They had neat little Jager bomb glasses (which is a shot of Jagermeister and Red Bull) that had the Jager (straight from a Jagerator) in the middle isolated from the surrounding moat of Red Bull. Neat idea even if it only holds no more than 1/4th a can of Red Bull, which I guess is the point. Profit profit profit.

Hung out and danced some (the opening DJ was okay), walked around the venue, people watched. The demographic was fairly unique. Mainly white with a few African-Americans, Oriental and Hispanics, all within the 18-49 demographic. Definitely an eclectic mix of people from all walks of life.

About 1 am they announced that DJ Tiesto was about to take the stage. Everyone started making their way towards the stage. We made it into the middle and had a good view of the stage. He comes out and has a spoken word intro for his Elements of Life set. It was a good mix of beats and lights. The visuals of people in Ace bandages got a little old after the first hour and a half and I think everyone felt the crowd coming down about 2:45 or so. The lights go out again and Tiesto kicked it up a notch. The next hour of music was absolutely phenomenal. The crowd was into it the entire time and it felt like we had been abandoned when he left the stage at 4 am. It was such an amazing show. I'm glad Atlanta had a show like that and can't wait for others. The opening DJ came back on and we got out of there as fast as possible.

The cool morning GA air was such a relief after the heat of thousands dancing for hours on end. The water we stashed in Focus for afterwards saved our lives.

J and I went with Protege and Acura (who are getting married this Saturday!) and Protege was telling me that there was some drama going on near the one set of bleachers that were set up. People ODing and spasming on the concrete. Glad I missed that. During the show, J and I danced, kissed, hugged, walked around, stood swaying to the music to cool down (it was a good 10 degrees cooler outside the main mass of people) and danced some more. We definitely worked off the Chipotle dinner we had all enjoyed earlier in the evening.

Shit! Which reminds me. After dinner, we went to Green's on Ponce de Leon in downtown? midtown? Atlanta. For starters let's look at the keg list from Georgia. Nice huh? Lots of selection to please any beer drinker. Now lets look at the keg list from South Carolina. Oooh, I can special order Amstel Light? Score! Just another reason why SC sucks.

They had a walk-in Belgian beer cooler/humidor. So many different amazing beers. They had cases of SweetWater, but no Blue, which made me blue. They had the large (750 mL) bottles of Lambic in 5 different flavors. High gravity beers, barleywines, meads, honey wine, ales, porters, stouts, pilsners, all hand-crafted for your enjoyment. It would take months to drink your way through this place. Maybe a liver or two. We picked up 2 big Lambics, I picked up a 750 mL of Ommegang Abbey Ale, and a 750 mL of Grand Marnier because it's delicious and was on sale for $30.

After our sushi dinner we shopped at Whole Foods which had a very decent beer selection (even though I couldn't buy any because it was Sunday, yes another reason SC sucks, although there are lots of other states that don't sell alcohol on Sunday) and they even had the big Lambic but not the selection of flavors. So it looks like Whole Foods on Woodruff is my new favorite beer supplier.

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