Wednesday, September 12, 2007


I'm on time!

I'm on time for lab today. I teach 3 undergrad labs this semester. It's the non-major chemistry so it's much less intensive for the student and the TA.

Yes I know I haven't recapped J's Miami Tales but I will before the weekend.

Yesterday was also a big day. Sloth came back with possibly the cutest video of her chihuahua Penny waking up. She also revealed to us her name. Definitely a big moment in my little blogosphere. I'll equate it to the revealing of Tutankhamun's tomb (yes I googled that spelling).

How do people believe that we didn't land on the moon? It's almost as bad as believing the Holocaust never happened. If the moon landing never happened then NASA (not this NASA) is a gigantic slushfund and all those aeronautical engineers they've been hiring over the years could've been working on something else. I personally believe that space travel is very important and should be researched, but until we get at least very close to the speed of light or really develop hibernation for humans, it won't really amount to anything and robots will be just fine. So Dubya, I think your plan of humans on Mars is stupid and just a ploy to draw attention away from your myriad failures. Oh sorry, lots of big uh-ohs.

Off to lab!

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