Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Too much drama in the LBC

I'm fairly certain I've used that title before but it seems fitting. I'm not sure if what to really do about ESC's friend but I'm sure if you want to donate some money to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure to help support breast cancer research and awareness, it would be appreciated.

I drove a BMW Z4 last night. Brand spankin' new. Black 3.0 liter inline six of BMW torque and power. It was very nice. The tires weren't the best though, just some heavy run flats, which would be my first move to ditch. It's a leased vehicle so I felt less bad about thrashing it a bit. All maintenance is covered for a leased car right? Or at least big maintenance? But I scared the owner (one of J's friends) who was riding along 3 times in the trip around the block. I was just seeing how it handled, honest. I knew I wasn't going to hit anything or anyone and that the car would be fine. I even helped out her husband who drove it "too fast" by driving it really fast and making him look slower by comparison. They got a 10,000 mile per year lease and will be using it for weekend jaunts to the mountains and things of that nature. It definitely needs a louder exhaust and some stickier tires and some fancy wheels probably, but since it's a BMW that is a much more expensive proposition.

On one turn I actually got the electronic nannies to come out and rain on my parade. I think I was about to have a nice controlled (albeit illegal) powerslide but the stability control or traction control came on and put a stop to that. I was not being smooth, which is what the computer likes.

So silky smooth, it rides like butter but still corners well. Thankfully she got the 6 speed over their manual auto transmission and it was a joy. I had some trouble getting it into 1st since on German cars reverse and 1st are right next to each other. Lots of fun but definitely not for me. Although if you already have a couple cars and just want something fun for the weekends, a lease is a bit cheaper than renting the car longterm. I just saw that BMW USA has a special lease offer, which I'm sure was what hooked them. You pay $9870 over 30 months (not including your full coverage and pricey insurance) for a $40,000 car. Not too bad if you want to get rid of it after 2.5 years.

I'm saving up for my Lotus Elise though. Why use a bigger engine when you can use a 4 cylinder, make 190 hp, and make the car weigh less?



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