Thursday, August 23, 2007


Real quicks like

Does anyone still flash their headlights to warn oncoming motorists of a cop? One truck in Georgia saved my ass by following this simple rule of "Us vs. Them". I was cruising at about 70 in a 55, the speed limit dropped to 45, and then I see the truck flash his lights. I let off the gas and slow down to about 53 or so and then I see the Man sitting off to the side of the road running radar like a champ. Thanks for that one truck.

I am still worried that They might come after me if They were to see me warning other motorists. In my head it's obstruction of justice but reality isn't so sure. During the day, it's pretty easy. Just pull back on the turn lever and it flashes your high beams momentarily and your brake lights don't come on. It lets people know "Slow down! There's something you need to watch out for up ahead!" I've seen it used mostly for cops but also when there is an accident up ahead that we cannot see but need to slow down so we don't make it worse.

Please, I implore you. Don't let this public service die! It's just common courtesy between people who think speed limits are a bit low.



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