Thursday, August 16, 2007



Seattle Hempfest is this weekend. Come out and support the cause! The cause is ending a pointless war on a mostly harmless plant.

Seattle Hempfest 2007

Click the poster for details.

Apparently Clemson has an intruder!

Steven Weldon, a 50 yr old homeless guy, has been caught trespassing on campus repeatedly and asked to stay away. He hasn't and we just got an email saying to call the cops if we see him on campus. What's the difference between a visitor and a trespasser? Not real sure but it does say that he has been arrested a few times for public disorderly conduct which brings up another question, what's the difference between this guy and a drunken frat boy? That's right. Tuition.

Enjoy your Thursday and if you haven't already, please stop in at Varla's place and leave some condolences for her shar-pei who passed on.

We miss you Kyu-Jin!

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