Friday, August 03, 2007


I never knew tasting things tasted so good!

From one of the Tales of Interest Futurama episode, Bender says it after he becomes human and has some nachos.

Does anyone ever watch The Girls Next Door on E!? It's a reality show that is wholly unique as it follows around Hugh Hefner (Hef) and his 3 girlfriends, Holly, Bridget and Kendra. It's one of J's favorite shows and is one of mine as well because who is cooler than Hef? Damn right. Nobody. I think the reason it works so well as a show is because people are so fascinated with Hef and all things Playboy. It's a global empire and keeps getting stronger. It briefly lost some ground in the 80's but it's been coming back into popular culture (at least in America) for the past decade. His girlfriends are very funny too. They all have unique personalities and all get along so well with each other. Their interactions with each other and Hef are really the meat of the show. Sure it's cool seeing them get to travel to Europe and Vegas and get the super red carpet treatment everywhere but even if it was them sitting in the Playboy Mansion, it would still be solid gold.

Here's a picture for you visual learners (like me):

Moving from left to right it's Kendra, Hef, Holly and Bridget.

I would really recommend watching it on DVD however because with the DVD you get all the good stuff that E! won't show on TV, most specifically boobs and curse words and naughty jokes. Needless to say they have to blur and beep a decent amount before airing the episodes. But on the DVD you get to see the show in its full glory how it is meant to be seen. Kendra dropping f-bombs, lots of boobs, and a handful of off-color jokes that weren't appropriate for the E! audience. I would highly recommend all seasons of The Girls Next Door on DVD. Much love to Hef, Holly, Bridget and Kendra and their myriad animals (each of the girls has pets of their own and the Mansion has a zoo that would rival any small town zoo). I would say my favorite is Coco the Monkey (I think she's a spider monkey but feel free to correct me) but that is because she's cute and overweight and gets the most airtime. I'm sure if J and I ever received an invite to the Mansion, we might find another favorite.

Yes I do have a subscription to Playboy and J even knows about it.

I need to get this blog a RSS feed.

I was going back through some recent posts and checking the comments and found these where we were discussing why icedtrip got rid of his WRX. New cars are expensive with the insurance payments, the premium gas and the car payments. So Iced bailed on the Suby and picked up a '85 SL500 (that's a Mercedes Benz, pimpadelic) and a Yamaha Royalstar, which is a big metric cruiser, like a Harley for people who either don't want a Harley or can't afford one. He didn't tell me a year so here's a '96 just for comparison.

And here's a smaller pic of a similar Benz:

Big pimpin' indeed. Excellent garage selection Icedtrip. I don't want to know what kind of repair bills you have for the Benz. Okay I sort of do cuz they're cool cars and they keep their resale value and coolness factor very well. A used M5 or AMG would make great roadtrip cars.

Also I know you talked about driving to B'ham to visit me while I'm there. We probably would only be able to hang out Sat. night after the grandparents go to sleep. Here's my whirlwind schedule. Drive to Grandma's house, 1.5 hrs. north of the Ham, eat dinner, hang out and catch up with Brother and G'ma, sleep, eat brunch, drive to B'ham, maybe work out, hang out with grandparents and Brother, probably sleep at grandparents house even though I told Tom I would stay with him, I'll call him later today unless he reads this and calls me first, I do still want to go see your (his) new house though, wake up, breakfast, go to early church and then drive home. Maybe stop in ATL to have lunch with a friend who I'll call today too. So I'll be in Alabama for roughly 36 hours.

We'll plan a trip to come visit you Iced or plan a trip where we can meet in the middle or you can come with J and I for our honeymoon/ski trip vacation to somewhere with snow. But we'll get together soon enough.

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