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When you're rock climbing and your hand slips but catches on the rock and tears open a big flap of skin is apparently called getting a flapper. It doesn't hurt but once I washed my hands it stung. Rock climbing is fun and great exercise but it does have its darkside.

We were at one of J's co-workers house carpooling to a work party they had. I went because one aspect of work functions is to show off your spouse and force them to sit through a mildly uncomfortable evening too. It's also so you'll have at least one person with whom the conversation won't be awkward and forced.

But on her wall she had a business card for the Hostel in the Forest. It is a commune of treehouses that are available to weary travelers from all over. The cost is $20/night per person and that includes a vegetarian dinner prepared with many fresh vegetables from their gardens. They also expect you to pitch in a little bit with chores and it shouldn't take more than 15-20 minutes. It's down in Brunswick, GA. Here is a picture of one of their treehouses, this one is called the Bamboo Hut:

It looks like a very cool place and is all about living symbiotically with nature. They don't heat or cool the treehouses so it's more of a fall/winter place if I'm visiting with J. She hates being hot and can't sleep which means I can't sleep. Here is a link to their Flickr page if you want to check out any more pics.

I would love to live off the grid. Wind generators, solar panels, anything to save some money, help Mother Earth and give the ole one finger salute to the power company. If only I could figure out how to have phone and internet service without paying AT&T for it. In fact I heard that if you make too much energy that your house can use, you can actually give that extra electricity to the power company and they pay you for it. I wanna be that kind of "off the gridder".

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