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I'm not really burnt out on blogging, but writing my dissertation has somehow sapped me of my creative writing desires. You figure it would be a great outlet after writing all technical-like to come over here and just spout off about whatever I want, instead of what my results dictate.

Money has been popping into my head recently. Nothing major just that J and I don't have tons of it, but we don't live in a box either.

The autocross on Saturday went well enough but I got beat by someone by 1.5 seconds. I had previously beaten this guy at the Doublecross and I'm fairly certain I have no idea where to make up almost 2 full seconds on that course. I'm at an impasse. I don't think the car can go faster as is and I don't think I can go faster as is, so the next step is to invest in a driving school or buy some more go fast parts. At the same time autocross really is just a hobby and I don't want all my spare money to go towards it. I spend enough as it is. My true passion is rally and I know that is going to be wicked expensive. I have decided that my current plan is to save money and every upgrade will be legal for rallying first and useful for autocross second.

I also got to ride in a 2005 Lotus Elise! Damn. I really do love that tiny little car. I was almost sitting on top of the driver as she was flying around the course. Would I give up rallying for that car? Maybe. Depends on a few factors but it's definitely a possibility. But if I did that then I would still have expenses by taking it to the track and I would still need the tow vehicle and trailer.

Maybe I should become a Buddhist so I don't have to worry about these material possessions anymore.

I was building my tow vehicle today on Chevy and Ford's websites. Shouldn't air conditioning be standard? Does anyone really not want that as an option? I would love a diesel. So much torque and a turbo and if I came across a vat of used filtered vegetable oil, I could convert it into fuel.

I read Roland S. Martin's column in CNN.com. It deals with lust and greed and how the Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Islam and Christianity) all preach how lust and greed are bad. But that doesn't mean that sex and money should be taboo subjects. As a Southern Baptist I was raised that sex before marriage was bad, mmmkay but thankfully my parents also mentioned that sex in a marriage is a wonderful beautiful thing that should be enjoyed, so I'm not as screwed up as some of the poor souls out there.

But a business venture popped into my head. It would be kind of like Real Sex but for poor sexually repressed Christians who were only taught that sex was bad and dirty. Maybe a book or a video or a traveling workshop where Christians who want to spice up their marriage come to J and I, give us some money, and then we give them some ideas and pointers. Not a bad idea. Maybe after this degree is out of the way I can come up with something more concrete.

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