Sunday, July 08, 2007


Story Time: Endgame

R1 had to be in Athens beforehand, so he rode over with his parents on Friday. R2 and I drove R2's mom's Cadillac over Saturday morning. We had some time to kill so we made our way to the liquor store and picked up some Skyy. As we're leaving the store, R2 pulls into traffic, a tad too quickly. There was a car turning into the store parking lot down from the exit we were using and we ended up in the back of another vehicle (no clue what it was). R2 claimed that the ABS was at fault and if we'd been in his BMW w/o ABS, we wouldn't have hit them. Sure thing. We get back on the road and have a few screwdrivers in the parking lot before the ceremony, just to relax and get past the minor fender bender. We would later find out, our adventures had only begun.

Star Wars Theme recessional later and everyone heads downstairs for the reception. Wine, finger foods, polite conversation, spending time with friends and family and it's over. Trying to save money we decide to pile back into the Cadillac and head home and we've picked up R1 who didn't want to stick around since nothing really fun happens the day after the wedding (unless it was yours and that first full day of being married is surreal).

We both didn't drink at the reception because we didn't like the wine too much and we would be driving. So we head out on the road and R1 is out like a light by the time we hit Atlanta, about 30 minutes into the 3ish hour trip. I'm doing a good job as co-driver/navigator talking with R2 keeping him conversing and his mind alert. Somewhere near the 173 or 193 mile marker on I-20 in Alabama, a good song comes on the radio and I pause and enjoy. R2 gets quiet and I he's enjoying the song too.

Then I start to see grass from the median creep into the outer edge of the left headlight. Huh, that's weird, R2 must be screwing around trying to scare me, I think to myself. Creep, creep, then there is grass directly in front of the left headlight and that's when I decide that unfortunately he isn't joking and is out cold. So I start screaming "R2! Wake up! Wake up we're in the median!" He jolts awake and cranks the wheel to the right but it's too late, we're already sideways mowing down the tall grass in the median. Fortunately it's about 4 am and there isn't much traffic. We get traction and slingshot to the other side of the interstate and fly into the ditch off the right side of the road. We hit the front of the car, bounce out of the ditch and slowly come to a halt directly in front of the 173 or 193 mile marker (it's directly in front of a small overpass if you're ever traveling west on I-20 in East Alabama).

I get out of the car and I'm visibly shaking. I hit my knee a bit during the collision but that's about it. Of course I'm wearing my seatbelt. R1 was lying down in the back and was not. Afterwards he recounts waking up to me screaming and only seeing grass flying over the windshield and past the windows. He's certain we were all going to die. R2 calls his dad and AAA and they both arrive about the same time. Before the State Trooper shows up a local (Lincoln?) police officer shows up and chats with us and makes sure no one hits us by parking behind us with his lights on.

We all make it home safely and early in the morning. I swing by my grandparents house because R2's mom called my grandmother and told them we were in an accident but were all fine. I make the "I'm sure I'm okay, no I don't want to go to the hospital" speech and convince them I'm fine.

I go home and reflect on our harrowing ordeal. I thank my lucky stars and Cadillac and then get some much needed sleep.

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