Wednesday, July 18, 2007



Turns out I removed my USB drive from the computer too soon, so I didn't save the picture of whatever came out of my finger. I did keep it though so I'll snap another pic today.

Thanks to Mrs. Mogul's link yesterday, I was able to Simpsonize myself:

It isn't perfect. My hair's a bit messier and I'm not that thing, but it's pretty close.

Want to give it a shot? Just a heads up, it took me about 6-7 tries to not get that stupid error message. Consider yourself warned.

Anyone watch the show Survivorman? It's about Les Stroud who is a crazy bushman of a Canuck and he recreates survivor scenarios around the world. The main difference is he's alone. Completely alone. He does his own camera work and actually has to tote 60 lbs. of camera gear with him wherever he goes. The new season starts on Discovery on August 10th. He has a blog that quickly gives an overview of each trip. I can't wait for the new shows. So far I know that he did a show in Labrador (Northwestern Canada) and the next one is in the Kalahari Desert. Yikes.

The Kalahari is here:

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