Monday, July 09, 2007


The Jerk Store called and they're running out of you!

- George Costanza (based on Larry David played by Jason Alexander)

I hoped everyone enjoyed Seth's Harrowing Tales of Adventure this weekend. I have decided to take Li's tribute down on the 1 month anniversary of her passing. My 3 year blogiversary, or blogday if you prefer, is this weekend on July 13th or 14th depending on when you feel a blog starts: first post or first real post.

We're having a small tuberculosis scare in the department. Apparently an Indian student went home and caught TB. He came back, was treated and now we're in the process of basically testing everyone for TB. I tried to explain to them that my test was going to come back positive because my last one came back positive. I had been exposed to someone with TB so I'm carrying around a few anti-bodies. I guess living in a 3rd world country does have its disadvantages. I told them that I needed a chest x-ray and they asked how big my previous test was (huh?) and if I took any medicine (beats me, I remember taking something but not what it was for), they didn't appreciate my answers so they stuck me anyway. Isn't that the point of medical records so the patients who have no training don't have to remember everything?

Moral of the story is I'm a TB carrier and need to skip the TB skin test (PPD in doctorspeak) and go straight to the chest x-ray or film. The radiologist should have their final report ready Wed. so presumably I'll have to go back and they'll tell me what the verdict and plan of action is. I just hope I don't have to take a pill everyday for the next 6 months to reduce my chances of getting TB by 4.5%.



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