Wednesday, July 11, 2007


If you can't say "fuck", then you can't say "fuck the government."

- Lenny Bruce

We watched the documentary F*ck (Fuck) last night. If you're curious, they used the f-word 800+ times during their 93 minutes for a fpm rate of 8.6+. [link borrowed from Wikipedia via Cynical-C]It was very educational and they even portrayed a little from both sides of the freedom of speech argument. I probably won't be hanging out with Dennis Prager any time soon, whoever he is, a radio show host apparently. I want to watch it again actually but that Lenny Bruce quote is going up on my Facebook.

Does anyone in San Francisco know this guy?

Apparently he's been harassing Thomas Hawk and some other photographers for taking pictures on public property and impersonating an officer. Wow, I also just noticed this was originally posted last June, and so far not much has happened. But just be on guard. He might come after you next.

We moved our new living room furniture around last night and it's still Wii friendly and comfy. We even ate dinner on our new dining room table! We're also not allowed to eat on the couches, that goes for you too. Sorry.

I should have a review of ESPN's 2007 Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest and a summary of our bouldering trip to um, somewhere near Asheville, NC up sometime this week too. I'll have more comments on Fuck also.

Edit: A-ha! Just remembered. How I sprayed 10 Molar KOH (potassium hydroxide, a strong base) on my face and chest will also get some blog time. Don't worry it's a "this is why we wear safety attire" story as opposed to a "I can't fucking see anymore" story.

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