Tuesday, July 03, 2007


I almost had it.

I'm still fighting to try and get wireless in our house. Our neighbor has his cable modem hooked up to a wireless router but my wireless adapter doesn't like it. I brought home the dept. laptop to see if it was them or us and yep, it was us. I tried updating the drivers and that worked for about 3 seconds and then it said that it couldn't see any networks. Ugh. I'm gonna send Super Tom an email and see if he has any good ideas. At this point I'm leaning towards getting a new wireless adapter. The one we have now is old and a friend gave it to us.

Results from this weekend's Doublecross are up. I'm still pleased with my performance but the results just reinforce how much slower I was than most everyone else. I also just realized that the cars in my class that were faster than me, except for the VW GTI, were on some fancy pants new Bridgestone tires, the new RE-01R which are stickier than my Falken Azenis RT-615s and about twice as expensive. Yes, let the excuses begin!

Results by class: I was in Street Touring S, which is on the 2nd page. I'm the guy driving the Focus, one of 2 Ford products incindentally. I was around 0.5 seconds slower from the right side, and it looks like most of the top drivers in our class were faster on the left too, so at least I'm in good company.

The other results (click on "Event Results") are broken down more into where I qualified overall. 118 out of 133 overall (Men), 127 out of 150 from the left lane (Men and Women), 132 out of 150 from the right. Also when you're on the main page, check out the prize money. There's some decent money to be made if you finish and qualify well. I don't have to worry about that.

The whole shebang was won by Robert Carpenter in his gorgeous 1993 yellow Toyota MR2 racing in E Stock. Big congratulations to him. You looked very smooth and clean out there.

We're having group meeting today at 2 so I better get to work. My friend sent me some pics but they're not very good. Hopefully there are some better ones out there.

Here's a pic of the Miata that sent me home on Sunday:

A pic of Subaru in his ride:



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