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Sorry no beer pics today. They'll be here tomorrow. I know, promises, promises.

Ever wonder why there aren't any Hitler themed restaurants? Yeah, me neither. I don't think pictures of death camps would be very appetizing, but further removed from Western culture, Hitler isn't as despised as a murdering tyrant. In India, they swastika is actually a historical symbol and its roots can be traced back to the Neolithic period aka "New" Stone Age. The biggest difference being that they use the left-facing symbol:
Seen here on a Roman mosaic

And the well-known Nazi flag with a right facing symbol:

Here is a restaurant from Busan, South Korea:

For the rest of the article please check out Dining with Hitler.

How many Starbucks do you think there are in Manhattan? 100? 200? 1000? The right answer is 171. Now do you think it is humanly possible to visit and purchase something from each of those 171 stores within one day without blocking off traffic? Oh ye of little faith. Mark Malkoff has done it and lucky for you, he's an amateur filmmaker. Please visit and watch his Starbucks fueled Manhattan romp.

I also stumbled across a new whose goal is:
to equip women and girls with tools to understand and resist the harmful stereotypes of women the media disseminates.

The website is called About Face and is a very worthy cause. Did you know that Mattel, maker of Bratz, is coming out with a make-up line aimed at 6-9 year old girls? Yeah, how messed up is that? I figured at least double digits, if not 13, was about the right age to start sporting make-up, but what do I know. Check out About Face, especially the first and 3rd posts in their blog. Great stuff!

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