Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Watch out!

So Paris is out of jail. I'm not sure I've ever seen her without makeup. Either they have good makeup in prison now or she looks good without it. Either way, glad you're out Paris and lets try and drive sober from now on. I'm sure you can afford a chauffeur or a cab, so put those numbers in your Iphone.

How do I know she has an Iphone? Because it just came out and it's cool. And yes I want one too but not really. The fees they charge to surf the net and IM and all that good stuff is outrageous. Yeah I'm talking about you AT&T. And yes you'll get your money from my wife and I this month too. I really want to try Working Assets Wireless. They use Sprint's service and claim to donate some of the profits to worthy causes. The subject needs some more research definitely.

Let me tell you about a little film my wife and I watched last night. Two actually. We finally watched Raging Bull. Pretty good and it's comforting seeing alot of the same cast pop up in Marty's movies from time to time. DeNiro, Pesci, Moriarty and Vincent all did an amazing job and I'm glad I finally caught it and only 27 years after its release.

The other one we watched was a film called The F Word. It is written and directed by Jed Weintrob. The premise is Joe Pace (played by Josh Hamilton) is being taken off the air by the FCC for racking up $1 million in fines. His last day on KPOL coincides with the last day of the Republican National Convention, so Joe takes to the streets for some interviews instead of sitting in the studio sulking and reminiscing. It's supposed to look like a documentary and they toss in some actual protesters along with the actor's performances. What I really liked about it was that it showed all sides. It even ran into some Conservative protesters who were being abused verbally and even physically a bit. I would HIGHLY recommend this movie to anyone, as long as they don't mind some strong language. "Fuck the FCC" is mentioned a few times because they suck, are awful and really only cater to people who like to complain.

The impression I was left with most was how strong and awful hate is. True hate. It helps nothing and yet is such an easily accessible human emotion. J asked if I hate Bush. I don't honestly. I'm not a fan of his administration and the Supreme Court Justices he appointed REALLY scare me, but I don't hate him. He's just a cokehead C student who came out of the right vagina at the right place and time. He's a figurehead. Do you really think ol' Dubya makes any decision by himself?

Hate won't solve anything. Being open-minded, listening and willing to compromise are the only things that are going to take this country forward. Taking a genuine interest in the people behind the ideas and hearing about how they formed their opinions and why they feel the way they do.

I just figured out that one scene that was making me angry was actually two actors. A "construction worker (Michael Tenaglia)" was getting a hot dog and talking about why the Republicans suck and then a "businessman (J. Richey Nash)" piped up from behind and defended them some and then Michael started saying that neither the Democrats nor the Republicans really have it right so he voted for Nader. At which point the "Republican businessman" thanked him because any vote for Nader was a vote for Bush. That's what really sent me over the edge. But horrifically this country still has been duped into thinking that only the big 2 parties have the answers. They don't. They think they do and they're going to pump money everywhere to make sure they have a chance but nothing will ever change unless we get enough people to lose faith in those 2 parties. Take Dennis Kucinich. He would make a great Independent or maybe even Green party candidate but he would get exactly ZERO national exposure if he ran on either of those tickets, so he's trying to become the Democratic presidential candidate. Both he and I know that won't happen next year, but he has made some supporters off of his national TV exposure and getting his name out there, and all that happened because he tossed his hat in the Democrat ring.

J wanted to know who abortion hurts besides the baby, the mother and Jesus? In The F Word, there were some pro-choice marchers and some pro-lifers. They didn't get much airtime but were there.

Extremes never work. This country will not be happy with either extreme. We need some open dialog and discussion and for people to start taking some responsibility back.

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