Monday, June 04, 2007


Wait, what was in that box?

We hit up Blockbuster, returned some movies, picked up some others and exchanged a piece of paper for a free Wii game rental. We decided on Marvel Ultimate Alliance because most everything else was out. It isn't a terrible game but it isn't going to win any awards. If you're a Marvel fan, you would love it. In between levels, you can switch your party of 4 with any number of Marvel heroes. Thing, Daredevil, Elektra, and some I had no idea existed like Moonknight and Ms. Marvel. During play you can switch to any of the 4 characters in your party. The problem for us is we played through the first 3 levels and then had no idea what to do. It's a decent multi-player game for the Wii if you're tired of mini-game type games but I'm saving my pennies up for Zelda and Resident Evil 4 when it come out.

We pulled stuff out of closets, threw some stuff away, boxed other stuff up. I think we have a pretty good plan. We move on 6/15 and that week we are going to bribe a neighbor into using his truck to take our old couches to GoodWill and this will really open up space in the living room for the real moving which will happen on Fri. evening. For some reason the Penske truck place has different rates for a full 24 hr. truck rental so instead of $55 for 5 pm to 5 pm, we are paying $35 for 5 pm to 8 am. It's worth $15 to me to wake up that early, even though I might have to promise J some breakfast to get her out of bed. I'm planning on taking at least that Fri. afternoon off and getting a jump on moving. We have lots of little boxes that we don't need the truck for.

Oh yeah, also on Sat. morning [originally I was to go bouldering in NC with Subaru, his wife and some other folks but the forecast was foreboding so everyone bailed] Subaru and I put replaced Tercel's struts. Care to venture a guess as to how many of 4 were completely blown? J guessed 4 and was close. 3. 3 of 4 struts were useless. But Tercel now feels like a new car! And I keep toying with the idea of keeping her as my daily driver and taking Focus off of insurance, taking the plates off and making her a full-fledged race car, but that is very space dependent. Of course, now it's painfully obvious what Tercel's shortcoming as a car is. Tires. Remember our tire discussion from the other day? So Focus wears 205/55/16s. Tercel is rolling around on some paltry 165/80/13s. That's alotta sidewall my friend. And lots of sidewall means lots of sidewall flex. I found some inexpensive 175/70/13s online and will be getting those sometime soon. But what I really like about Tercel is her bolt pattern and that she's a Toyota. She has a 4x100 mm bolt pattern which is shared with most econo cars on the road today. And she's a Toyota so she'll run for a long time, but when she does bite the dust, just plop in a new engine and keep on running. Nice. I just hope wherever I end up I can find some cool guys to help out with engine stuff like that. It isn't a one person job by any stretch of the imagination.

The Wii is still awesome and I can't wait to try it out in our new house.

My Xbox died this weekend. We were watching a DVD and it froze. So we restarted it and a message popped up saying "Your Xbox needs customer service." Nice work Microsoft. Just in time for me to go out and buy a 360. I wonder what they would say if I called up and said my Xbox was broken. I still have quite a few Xbox games that I enjoy playing and it was our main DVD player in the living room. For the record, I would like to point out that to this day I have still not purchased a standalone DVD player. So far the only DVD players I have bought have been a Xbox and a PS2. Honestly, I'm waiting for the format wars to die down a bit before I make the move up to a PS3 or Xbox 360. I just wish the Wii played DVDS. I hear it's coming down the line, but it isn't here quite yet.

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