Friday, June 15, 2007


Think intergalactically. Act interplanetary.

That's a bumper sticker from one of my favorite shows. It takes place in the future and is contains some drama.

I moved the first load of stuff over to the new place before work this morning. Basically it was one less trip that we would have to do later and would also give me a chance to make any final demands of the property management people. Yep the old tenants couches and bed frame and desk and coffee table are still there. Great. Oh, and our keys don't work on the deadbolt. Nice. So I ran back by and let them know that they can leave the microwave (I hope it's clean and works) but get the rest of that junk out of my apartment!

I'm not sure what Leon is thinking. He might start freaking out as the apartment gets emptier and emptier but I assured him that we're taking him with us and to not be worried. And he'll be getting a new sister soon, but that'll happen once we get settled.

Oh! As I was leaving there were 2 old doormats laying on the stoop. We have at least one so I threw one of them in the trash. This doormat was either hiding a wasp or was in a relationship with a wasp because it came out of nowhere and stung my calf. Luckily only once and it's a dull pain but I'm still not allergic to bees! Hooray! My leg hurts and I can't remember the last time I was stung by anything, but it's always nice to know that it won't kill me. I guess that means it'll make me stronger but my leg disagrees with that stupid saying.

I can't wait to get the plants over to the new place and get the backyard under control. There is a downed tree but the bamboo that is growing there is gorgeous! It's like a Chinese jungle. All I need are a few panda and I'll be set. There will definitely be pics once everything is up to J's lofty standards. I have standards too but usually hers are higher.

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