Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Inside the Green Berets

Did anyone watch that on the National Geographic Channel? It was incredible. Usually film crews only get 48 hours with a unit but this film crew were granted an "unprecedented" 10 days. They were stationed with the Green Berets at Firebase Cobra in Afghanistan. It was really incredible to see what they went through each and everyday from the intense missions to the utter boredom of nightfall. Unfortunately while they were filming, a Hummer was hit by an IED, killing a Green Beret and 2 of the film crew.

I also read about a study published in LiveScience which publishes succinct accounts of published papers. This particular article is about the link between finger length and your SAT scores. If your index finger (pointer finger, that one next to the thumb) is longer than your ring finger then you probably score higher on the verbal section than the math. If your pointer finger is shorter than your ring finger (like me), then you probably scored better in math than in the verbal section. Yep, holds true in my case. So quick, take a peek at your fingers. Is your ring finger or pointer finger longer? Are you more math inclined or verbally inclined (if you don't remember your SAT scores)?

The Move is imminent. Packing will happen tonight. We scored a treasure trove of boxes yesterday.

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