Friday, June 01, 2007


I DO want national internet!

Thanks go out to Julie H. who invited me to join the "I want national internet" facebook group. Apparently all TV stations are going digital in 2009 or 2011, in a few years, and the FCC is getting offers from AT&T and Verizon to buy the frequencies that TV used to broadcast their signals. They would then charge their customers more money for access to their wireless signal. But what the FCC SHOULD do is set it up as a non-profit organization that provides wi-fi to the whole country at no charge. I would definitely pay more in taxes for a national wireless internet system. But we'll see if the people win out or once again the corporations will exert their unseen force and make another dollar off the American people.

Pissed off? Want to join the revolution? Sign the petition!

Back to Easley and Seneca eateries. Copper River Grill is wonderful. Excellent variety in their menu. Don't get the onion strings for an appetizer. It's very thin onion, balled up and then deep fried so you get a crusty melange of grease and onion. Just do yourself a favor and get the BBQ chicken nachos or the honey butter croissants.

Cafe Fritz in Easley is incredible. Very German but still with a Southern flavor. Fried green tomatoes, knockwurst, weisswurst, sauerkraut all delicious. I love me some sausage. I can't wait to go back.

If my post yesterday sounded derogatory, I can't help it. Some Southerners are wonderfully nice people. Some rednecks are nice people. But the others are the scum of the earth. Tossing beer cans out their trucks. Holding onto racist thoughts and traditions. Southern accents so thick most would need a translator. 4th grade education. No interest in continuing their education. Staunchly republican just cuz their daddy wuz. The list gets new additions everyday.

It's like this everywhere. A few great people scattered in a sea of malcontents and scumbags. I really enjoyed this post from Rob the other day. The only part of his job I envy is getting to make fun of morons every night. Everything else sounds like it sucks. But damn it makes for some great posts.

I've also been slowly reading through Barista Brat's archives. I almost want to work at a Starbucks. Or at least her Starbucks. Sounds like a great time besides having a line out the door and only one blender to make 20 frappucinos. I'm a fairly low maintenance customer for the most part. Occasionally I'll ask for something to be taken out of a dish, but at coffee shops I'm easy. It's usually an espresso or hot tea. Everything else is either overpriced or sweet enough to send me into insulin shock. Get out for under $2 is my goal. This rule only applies when I'm by myself. J's vanilla latte skyrockets me past my spending limit.

I don't hate rednecks. I don't hate Guidos. I hate stupid people and people who have no desire to learn. And I hate people who drive Pontiac Azteks. Seriously. If you drive one, go trade it in right now. Or just set it on fire and collect some insurance money.

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