Monday, June 11, 2007


How hot was it?

I miss that set up for jokes.

The autocross went well on Saturday. It was hot and I don't see how anyone lives in Columbia on purpose. Our friend in the Evo laid down a 38.8 and I wanted to get into the 39s but could only muster a 40.5. I was co-driving Subaru's Suby and he was able to get down to 40.1, so he redeemed himself after I beat him in his own car at an Atlanta event. Decent course, but the South Carolina's region never has stellar courses. I probably couldn't do any better but I would like to give it a shot. I'll post the link with results whenever they get them up.

I can't believe I haven't remembered this story until now but better late than never I suppose. This took place 2-3 months ago.

Around the bend I come, the same bend I take everyday going and coming home from work, and I see a few kids standing by the side of the road. There are a few families that live around here so nothing new but it's a young boy and two older girls. The young boy is holding a baby wrapped in cloth. He's tickling and laughing with the baby. He moves to cross the street and drops the child! Oh no! I think to myself. Maybe I should stop and make sure everything is okay. When he drops the baby, the kids eyes become dinner saucers as one of the girls rushes over to the baby's side. Then I notice the sheen coming off the baby's head. WTF? Oh, it's a plastic baby! Hahahahaha, excellent at-home Jackass recreation. And I completely bought it for a few fractions of a second. The kids continue their street theatre with some wailing and shouts. As I pass the kids, a huge smile is on my face letting them know I appreciated their performance.

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