Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Fire and brimstone

Sorry if I sounded preachy yesterday. I try not to. I just know that no one group has all the answers and that's the bottom line.

Ugh. Focus is not happy. I changed her main belt a few months ago and she developed a squeal when you crank her. I changed the belt tensioner two days ago but it didn't help. I bought a new belt from NAPA this morning so hopefully that'll do the trick. It doesn't really hurt anything it just sounds dreadful and I don't want it to happen this weekend in front of all the other autocrossers.

J made chicken pot pie for dinner last night. It was delicious.

We're still keeping Foxy and Leon separated during the day because Foxy still has some worms and we want both cats worm free.

Ah, a HUGE thanks to Random Movie Club and Dawn for sending out a special treat to its loyal readers. I received a Random Movie Club magnet and a Starbucks card! Hooray!

I want to advertise this blog and make it more famous but I don't want to at the exact same time. Right now more can go wrong than right, so we'll just keep this between you and I.

I will be taking my camera to the Doublecross this weekend in Atlanta. I will wash Focus beforehand. We have to put lots of stickers on our cars for this event. It's part of the national tour which has sponsors so I'll be driving a small billboard around the parking lot this weekend.

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