Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Dad, you're out of shape even for an American.

Lisa to Homer, both Simpson

You know how the media love a good tragedy. And if it involves an attractive white lady, all the better. Well sometimes they cover other "news" at the expense of a heart breaking missing persons story. The current white lady in the "news" overshadowed the case of Stepha Henry, a 22 year old recent college grad who was well on her way to law school, vanished from Peppers nightclub in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

Transcript from Greta Van Sustern's interview with Stepha's parents

Miami Herald article

Story about how MSNBC dropped the story to cover the current white lady in distress.

I'm shocked by this because I had no idea. Hadn't heard about it on the radio or the internet and that isn't right. The sooner info gets out about the missing, the better. But the info can't get out if the airwaves are clogged with pointless drivel.

I miss independent media. At least we have the internet to help out the little guys. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Henry family.

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