Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Black God rules!

- Bart Simpson, from the chicken pox Simpsons episode, they're looking for Dr. Hibbard in the First A.M.E. Church of Springfield and it's distinctly more lively than Rev. Lovejoy's service.

The Clemson Sports Car Club website has been down for almost 2 weeks now. Hopefully it will be back up soon but if not, I'll see our webmaster at the autocross in Columbia this weekend and see what's up.

We resubscribed to The Week magazine and am now slightly more up to date with worldy goings on. Apparently the "president" of Syria was reelected to a 2nd 7 year term. Out of 12 million Syrians, 11 million voted and he "won" with a resounding 97%. Right.

I've been thinking about Europe recently. My friend Tom went just a few months ago. Supposedly he has a blog for it that he's been working on but being the anal perfectionist he is, he's been working on it a long time and I still haven't seen it. Also there is a Summer Undergrad Research Project participant (SURP) from Germany who is really cool and reminded me how much I liked Germany, the people and their accents. Then I was watching "Dream Car Garage" and they took an '06 Corvette Z06 up to 185 mph on the autobahn, all without fear of a ticket. Crazy.

I performed research in Mainz, Germany (about 15 min. outside of Frankfurt by train) for 2 months the summer before my senior year of undergrad aka the summer of 2000. So many awesome memories and experiences from that trip. Got to see the last solar eclipse of the 20th century, got drunk and smoked hash in a hostel in Paris, laid on the beach in Nice, Musee D'Orsay in Paris, Neuschwanstein in Fussen near Munich, Milan, the leaning tower of Pisa, Firenze (Florence in Italian). Great memories and I want to take J there and make some new ones. All in good time I suppose. Nope, just checked, no recounting of any Europe stories.

If I had more time (if someone paid me to blog or was independently wealthy) I would get a negative scanner, convert all my Europics to digital and then upload them and have lovely pictures to accompany the posts, but I won't. I do want to go through all the pictures and enlarge some and just generally organize my picture bag.

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