Saturday, June 16, 2007



I'm loving the bamboo in the backyard and can't wait to break out the mini-saw and get medieval on that fallen tree's ass.

I'm hating the dirt at the bottom of all the windows left by my property management and previous tenants.

Leon is freaked out. He barely leaves the safety of the twin bed's box spring. But his tail is slowing coming up, so he'll get used to it.

Thanks to the neighbor for the internet.

Moving sucked and I think we have enough empty boxes now to completely clear the old apartment out.

The new non-Tivo DirecTV DVR is installed. I paid nothing, got some "free" programming and it's not a horrible deal. Plus I hate our local cable co.

We still haven't made a meal here yet but that'll soon change.

If we have internet, I'll catch you, my loyal readers, up on the past two races in this year's F1 season.



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