Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Why oh why can't she drive 55?

Guess who got busted doing 80 in a 65 this morning? If you're first impulse is me, let me tell you that the highest speed limit I see on my way to work is 35. For me to do 80 in a 35, that's basically a death wish and instant wreckless endangerment and a free "Straight to Jail" card.

Yeah, my lovely wife J. She's a friggin' speed demon. And she can't see well, so she never spots the cops until the radar detector goes off or they're right behind her with lights ablaze.

Bah. Any helpful suggestions or comments would be appreciated.

As punishment she has to drive Tercel to work for at least a month, when I finally get her shocks fixed.

Everything comes down to money, or at least that's the way it seems on first glance. Why does J speed? She thinks speed limits are arbitrary and stupid (partially right), she thinks speeding tickets are just fundraisers for police departments and a way for said departments to gauge productivity of their officers (more than partially right) and ultimately she can't wait to be rich cuz then she can speed and speed and just keep paying the tickets and then hire a lawyer or a driver once her license gets suspended (again).

I don't know.

We no longer have the internet at our house. The person whose wireless signal we were borrowing moved out and left us incommunicado. It's very frustrating and seemingly our only two options to get it are cable or DSL. To get DSL you have to pay Bellsouth for both the phone line and the DSL service, which is outrageous. Cable isn't as bad, but it's still pricey for a decent connection.

Hopefully we can just limp along through May and our new place will have a local wireless signal.

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