Thursday, May 03, 2007


I don't like the drugs but the drugs like me.

No one has blamed Marilyn Manson for anything recently. There has to be someone that he pseduo-influenced into performing an atrocity.

I was thinking about what is really stopping the reform of drug laws in this country. So far I have come up with: uninformed and uneducated voters, the prison system and the corporations that keep it chugging along destroying a significant portion of our country, pharmaceutical companies and the money they might lose, and propaganda.

J and I watched The Last King of Scotland last night. Hats off to Forest Whitaker. Excellent job portraying the light and dark sides of one of the world's most recent tyrants and congrats on the Oscar. But that movie and Hotel Rwanda really cemented how powerful propaganda is. Governments have been using it for aeons. It inspires people to work harder, eat less, sacrifice for the cause! It also convinces people that people different from you aren't really human, are evil and should be killed. So if you're planning on invading or taking control of a country, propaganda should be on your checklist, right behind food and medical supplies for the people and an army of mercenaries, just in case.

Remember I bought a set of wheels for Focus? Well they have now been sandblasted and are a lovely pale silver color. I rather like it. So now I have to do some googling and see what the best way to protect it is and if it's even possible to polish some parts of it and make it shiny. Not quite chrome shiny Smoove, but shiny nonetheless.

I'll take some before and after pics for comparison and maybe it'll inspire you to change the look of your car with a small investment instead of going to your local Bling-o-rama and picking up a set of 22s.

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