Friday, May 04, 2007


The Devil wears a T-shirt and penny loafers

We had some friends over last night. Just hanging out, playing some Blokus. The premise of the game is you have various pieces all of which resemble Tetris pieces. You can attach a new piece to another piece of your color by the corner. It's lots of fun. I need to see if there is some secret strategy that I don't know about. I got waxed in the second game we played.

I need to take some pics of some items I'll be putting on ebay. It's some books, some of my parents China, Disney VHS tapes, and some stock Focus wheels.

Wow, this guy put alot of thought into Blokus. Maybe it will be my new secret weapon? I'll let you know if it pays off, P. Todd.

No super plans for this weekend. Some laundry, general house cleaning, and some general getting rid of stuff. We'll be moving around June 15th, so if we start cleaning and packing now, it won't be so psychotic. Hopefully.

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