Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Central Station Cafe

We ate lunch there today. If J reads this she's gonna be jealous. We love that place. We still love it even though the buffet + drink price just went up a whole $0.50 to $6.50. If you're ever in Central and it's lunchtime, don't even think about going somewhere else.

We still need to take in our wedding pictures. Yeah, I've been going there for a while and then once I took J, she was hooked.

Oh, I need to find that hotdog blog. I have some reviews to add to their site. J and I ate at Five Guys Burgers, apparently the full name is Five Guys Famous Burgers and Fries. We both got a burger, which were delicious and their toppings list is most excellent. Only complaint is the "fried onions" were merely sauteed, not really fried. Fried, to me, implies deep fried with a breading. They were still delicious. However, I also wanted to try a hot dog. Notice how there is no mention of famous hot dogs on the sign. Yeah, they should just go ahead and take them off the menu. I couldn't even take a second bite. The bread was okay but they split the dog in half. Uh wtf? You need to warn people that you'll be disfiguring their dog. And the dog itself was devoid of any spice or flavoring and was not good. Get a new frank supplier and cut the bread a different way so you won't have to slice the dog in half and I might try another. Ugh, and those fries. Some were good, but others were soggy and limp. Maybe we should've tried the cajun fries.

Next Five Guys trip, I will get a Little Burger and do you have any onion rings?



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