Monday, May 14, 2007


Bring it on Monday

It was such a wonderful weekend. J & Co. had a great time at the concert and CL, Protege's fiance, took the bullet for the team and drove there and back with a return time of 5 am. Yeah, that's impressive, big rig impressive even. The Tabernacle is an extremely cool place to catch a show and hopefully, I'll be able to attend the next one. It sounds like my kind of place.

Drift Atlanta 2007 was sick. Chris Forsberg in his truck V8 engined Maxxis Tire Nissan 350Z ultimately took the win over Darren McNamara and his Falken Tire turboed Toyota Corrolla. Third went to last year's winner Tanner Foust, who I never did get a chance to talk to, in his AEM Memphis Audio Nissan 350Z. Sorry for all the sponsor talk but it's good practice for when I have to give all my sponsors some post-race love.

Friday, arrive, watch some drifting practice, stroll through the pits, see some friends, watch some more drifting, dinner at Zaxby's, camping out front of Road Atlanta, sleep, arise, go autocross at Turner Field, lunch at Uncle Vito's NY Pizza off Exit 120 on 85 close to the Road Atlanta exit of 129, drifting, pits but missed the autograph session, catch Stephan Verdier as we're leaving the pits and talk about rallying and drifting and his '06 Subaru STI that he converted to rear wheel drive and how he trailered it across the country himself, more drifing, try to leave, we repark the car and then traffic finally starts moving after a half hour and then finally get home at 12:30 am or so on Sunday morning.

Yes it's a blur but I will hopefully have pics before the week is out. I didn't bring my camera so Subaru let me use his.

The autocross was especially fun cuz it's hard to watch all that racing/drifting and not be able to enjoy the action, so it was great to hop in a car and rip some shit up.

My first run was a 54.3. Not bad, smooth, no cones. Then I ride along with Subaru. I'm co-driving Subaru's Subaru this weekend and let me tell you. All wheel drive plus turbo plus big meaty 245/45/16 Hoosier race tires equals one hell of a good time. So I hop in the passenger's seat and hang on for dear life as Subaru rips off a 52.7. Wow, I need to go faster. Oops, go too fast on my 2nd run and get sideways in a slalom and get a 55 something. Suby tears off a 51. Wow, he's fast. But we're talking and there is a small fairly tight section near the beginning of the course and Suby doesn't think we really need to hit the brakes through there and maybe would only need to lift off throttle a little bit. Sounds good, so I give it a shot. I danced that WRX through those cones like the Suby doesn't weigh 3000 pounds. Slow in the slow parts, fast in the fast parts and that turbo just hauling ass up the slight elevation change. Smooth but damn fast. 49.7! WOO-HOO! Needless to say I'm stoked. Shaved almost 4 full seconds off my time. Damn that's a good feeling. Suby hops back in but can only muster a 50.1. Nice. I tell myself I want to go a little faster for my last run but my foot doesn't get the message and go waaay too fast through one section and go to the left of some cones that I'm supposed to go right of because there was no way I was going to be able to slow down enough to make those cones.

I'm fairly certain I won my class and now I want a turbo and all wheel drive just a little bit more. Thanks go to Subaru for letting me co-drive and to Subaru in Japan for making such a kick ass ride.

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