Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Who you callin' a quickie?

Damn. Damn damn. I need to make my own dietary supplements. Check it:
Under the 1994 Dietary Supplement and Health Education Act, nutritional supplements do not have to be tested for safety or effectiveness before going on the market. As long as the manufacturer doesn't claim that a product treats or cures a specific disease, it can advertise any health benefit whatsoever. The next time you're in a health food store, just count the bottles that promise to "strengthen your immune system."
And Americans spend at least $5.8 billion on dietary supplements each year. Apparently all you need is a snazzy label, some vague health related promises, a bunch of chemicals mixed in with some filler and ta-da! You've got yourself the modern equivalent of Snake Oil, cures what ails ya, guaranteed!

I'll start working on that after my pre-oral. And I'll definitely need a good name. I can just make up a doctor recommending it right? Isn't that what everyone else does?

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