Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Sacre bleu!

Zat eez one fast traen! - my apologies to the French for trying to recreate their accent in written form. But that is what you sound like. Did you know that each language has its own take on what other languages sound like? Chinese to us sounds different from Chinese to a Hispanic. I can only imagine what English sounds like to Chinese people.

The actual point of that article is that France got one of their TGV trains up to 357.2 mph or 574.8 kph, setting a land speed record for conventional rail trains. The train was outfitted with larger wheels, which would increase the work they do by covering more track with each rotation, and a super beefy 25,000 horsepower engine. That's like a train being pulled by 192 Ford Foci (plural of Focus)! That would be a sight. They also increased the voltage from the overhead cable from 25,000 to 31,000 Volts.

Sorry this blog is getting a little rundown and there are some cobwebs building up in the corners, but I'm focusing on work right now. Until someone hires me to blog, or be a rally driver or even a combination of rally driver and rally blog creator, which incindentally would cost no more than $125,000 for an initial investment, and would be less each subsequent year and be great marketing for your company or product, I have to focus on my self-chosen career of becoming a chemist. Technically I am a chemist but I only have a B.S. after my name right now which doesn't mean much to other chemists.

Thanks for continually stopping by and get ready for some interesting stories, updates, "blast from the past" posts, and maybe even a new template!?!?!?!

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