Friday, April 06, 2007


Marge! You can't compare us to an American family!

- Homer from the "All's Fair in Oven War" episode. Lots of great quotes from that one.

2nd to last weekend before the storm, so I'll be in lab almost constantly this weekend. Zero promises on updates.

J has today off like most people who don't get Spring Break anymore. So she was fast asleep when I left for work at 8ish. For breakfast I had some cheese toast. We're currently eating everything in the house, to cut down on expenses and so we can start over and get ingredients we can use. I'm looking forward to pancakes and/or waffles and maybe I'll even throw in some of those frozen cherries I've been hanging onto or maybe I'll make a fruit compote to go on top. You're right, compote doesn't sound very appetizing. How about a Fruit Extravaganza to go on top!

The climbing wall was fun yesterday. We made fun of some noob climbers and their sorostitute friend who set the route. I'm serious when I say a quadraplegic monkey could climb the route. Super duper beginner, the only thing that would be easier would be a ladder. The wall gets frustrating sometimes because the routes they put up are either freakin' impossibe or waay too easy. No middle ground for slightly advanced climbers such as myself. It's still fun though, but I'm straying away from the point. I was belaying (holding the rope in case the climber falls so they don't hit the ground) for Subaru's wife when my phone rings. Weird. I know J is on her way home from work, hope everything is okay. I try and make it over to the bench holding my phone before she started climbing, but didn't make it and Safety First Seth knew that I should make sure my climber is not going to die before doing anything else. But once she came down (she successfully made it to the top, she's rapidly turning into a good climber), the phone was retrieved and I made the call. (Also noticing that my "new to me" Nokia doesn't display "missed call" when it's in screen saver mode/key lock mode, which I don't like because I have to touch my phone for it to tell me if I missed a call) It's J and she tells me that I should be careful on the way home cuz there is a cop sitting where we turn into our house at the bottom of the hill. Speed limit is 25 and it's exceptionally easy to be going much faster than that once you hit the bottom of the hill.

Ugh, new paragraph. Hmm, thanks for the warning sweetheart but I always slow down there because that is one place I know cops love to sit and wait so they can write some basic speeding/fundraiser tickets. Then she tells me that she got a speeding ticket. crap.
Was the radar detector on?
No, it fell down on my way home from work and I didn't feel like putting it back.
Great, that act of laziness will cost us $76 and 2 points on Speed Demon's license. She has been a little better recently. But just a little.

We were supposed to go to a fancy pants Easter buffet at the Hilton in Greenville this Sunday but as punishment, we are probably going to use that money to pay for the ticket. The buffet was going to be $27.95 a person, plus gas and maybe a tip and that just about equals $76.

I hope she learns her lesson. And I hope I pass my pre-oral.

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