Tuesday, April 24, 2007


The Julio Saga

Julio was last seen in the afternoon of April 14th. We have put fliers up on dumpsters, put them on people's cars, put them on people's houses, gave them to people, gave them to little kids; we've done everything except drop them from the sky. We call his name and whistle when we leave in the morning and when we get home at night and sometimes before we go to bed. We received a few phone calls last Sat. morning that some people had seen him (or a similar orange striped tabby) walking along the road that is on the other side of the woods behind our house.

Sat. we walked along the road looking for him. These are the woods behind our house. They aren't gigantic but they're big enough so a cat could lose himself for a week or two. Most of the calls came from people who live on War Branch. As J likes to point out, most everyone in that development had pets so are very sympathetic. That evening I left to head towards ATL and our camping spot. We opted not to go with a GA state park because you almost have to reserve a tent camping spot, some don't even allow camping on a trail, and you have to reserve, and pay ahead of time, for 2 nights. What if you're not staying two nights? Apparently they don't give a shit. But you can't fault them too much because they're just trying to make a little extra money for upkeep around these huge parks. So we stayed here. Yeah. It's a lake with a small ring of property around it for parking and there is a grassy area for tents. So locals come, pay their $9.50/person and fish and drink and enjoy the night.

J walked along the road Sun. but to no avail. I drove by there on my way to work this morning and saw an orange cat! But he sort of looked like Julio and didn't seem very trusting of people, definitely not Julio. And the stripes on his rear haunches weren't as defined as Julio and his eye color was wrong.

Mystery Orange Cat also had more white on his face than our dear JuJu.

We haven't given up hope. A lady J works with said her cat was gone for 18 days and then randomly showed back up. I'm personally giving myself at least a month before all hope is gone. I've already shed my tears for him so now we can focus on finding him.

We're going with the theory that he is still in the surrounding area somewhere so we're trying to canvas said area with fliers and get more pairs of eyes looking for him. Hopefully he's still alright.

I was in a climbing competition last night. I came in 2nd in the Men's Beginner class. The guy who won had never climbed before but was in particularly good shape and was a yoga attender if not a yoga instructor and flexibility is definitely part of being a great climber. I'm still working on my flexibility and I also need some help with my finger strength. Subaru and his wife have a hangboard and a campusboard in their garage but I still haven't used it. I know that is why they're so good. That and they both weigh hardly anything. Good times and I got a T-shirt out of it.

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