Wednesday, April 04, 2007


I have advanced degrees in Murderonomy and Murderology.

- Dr. Zoidberg, from the "Tales of Interest I" episode of Futurama

Big big news in the world of 2WD rallying! A new non-profit organization, the Rallysports Group of America, RSGA, has created the Max Attack Triple Crown Rally Series! Basically it is a prize fund to encourage competition and promote 2WD rallying. Everyone knows Travis Pastrana and his 4WD Subaru, but not many people know the names of nationally competitive 2 wheel drive cars. The prize schedule is:
1st - $2,000
2nd - $1,600
3rd - $1,400
4th - $1,200
5th - $1,000
6th - $800
So very big money when compared to nothing. The reason the RSGA is doing this is because most people get into rallying via 2WD cars. They're cheaper to buy, cheaper to turn into a rally car and they have the ability to teach you how to go fast through turns without the benefit of all your wheels churning at the dirt. Most rallyers will tell you to start in a low powered 2WD car (like a Ford Focus) and learn the proper techniques and how to hold your momentum through the turn and then when you graduate to 4WD, you'll be that much faster.

The other good part about this is it transcends sanctioning bodies. Currently there are 2 premiere rally series in the States, Rally America (what used to be SCCA) and NASA Rallysport. Their schedules don't overlap but they don't really work together either. So hopefully this will at the very least encourage some discussion between the two bodies so that they can realize that they both want the same thing (for rallying to be uber-popular in the US) and that neither one wants to see the other go out of business.

What does this mean to me? It means that I need to get back to work on my pre-oral and pass it so I'll get my PhD and then a decent paying job, not have any kids for a bit, and then I will finally get my rally car. Oh yeah, that's the dream baby.

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